Welcome to my Sense of Tumour

This week I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma Tumour and I have decided to write about living with it…

Living with it, I hear you say… You were only diagnosed this week, what do you know about living with it? Well, the diagnosis has provided me enlightenment on almost two years of unknown that I have just lived through.

It started around March 2016, I think. I did not write it down as at that point I wasn’t to know it was going to take nearly two years of investigation to find the cause of what my family and friends have come to know as β€˜my soapy mouth’.

I will not go into detail right now, but on this blog I hope to document the extreme effort I have been through to find out the cause of β€˜my soapy mouth’ and how it led to being diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma.

I’d like to think of this as my dissertation, the grand master piece of years of study, research and analysis that i am getting closure from. I will lay it all out it one place in a logical manner for others to read and scrutinise and grade me if they wish. This will appease my inner dog with a bone and evidence my perseverance and just allow me to say, hopefully in a dignified manner……I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG!


2017-12-16 19.15.42

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